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Our Mission & Vision

Our Mission: To ensure the work we do serves a purpose in our world; to make brands and products mean more to people, keep them safer, and make their lives longer and more enjoyable.

Our Core Focus: Pride in the process of creating something new

Our Shared Vision: Our team arrives every day to do imaginative, creative work that also defines each of us as individuals. We take personal pride in ending each day knowing we created something that did not exist that morning.

Our Value Proposition

Industrial and graphic design for companies that know great design is great for business

We help companies quickly convert their technologies into innovative, manufacturable, and market-ready products by using a proven design process that includes beautiful visuals, iterative prototyping, and great branding.

Our experience in a broad range of industries gives our team its edge in designing for challenges like durability, safety, ergonomics, cost, and consumer appeal.

Our Core Values


BE AUTHENTIC: Create from your core

NEVER SETTLE: Own your impact

STAY CURIOUS: Explore with purpose

PRIDE IN PROCESS: Passion for the craft

Email Signature

A branded signature for your outgoing email to keep our contact info easy to find.

Design Process Copy

Competitive Market Analysis

We collect data related to ergonomics, ethnography, style and color preference, to name a few. Knowing your user well means we can earn their brand loyalty.

Stylistic Sketches

Visualizing concepts with sketches is quick, effective, and freeform. Our drawings are beautiful explorations of form and function that lead to more considered final results.

Functional CAD Models

A beautiful form needs to function. Our CAD models are solutions that ensure functional mechanics, ergonomics, durability, and other vital aspects of product performance.

High-Tech Prototyping

Our prototyping capabilities are cutting edge and evolving constantly. We’re capable of building functional, beautiful proofs-of-concept that look and work like the real thing.

Design for Manufacture

Our expertise in manufacturing processes, such as injection molding, machining, casting, and more, enables seamless collaboration with manufacturers for high volume production.

Brand Assets Offering Copy

Products & Brands People Love

We help companies quickly convert their technologies and ideas into innovative, manufacturable, and market-ready products.
Our proven design process includes insightful competitive analysis, beautiful ideation sketches, production-ready CAD models, cutting-edge prototyping, and great branding.

First to Market

Our creative process and extensive hands-on fabrication capabilities help your corporation behave like an aggressive startup to accelerate your path to a competitive market edge.
If your product line is stagnant or sales are down, we can help.


Primary Colors

Laut Design Primary Brand Colors

Laut Green





Primary Logo

Primary Logomarks and Wordmarks

Full Color Logo

Full Color Logomark

Green and White Logo

Green and White Logomark

White and Gray Logo

White and Gray Logomark

Vector Assets

Icons should only use Laut Design brand colors. There are two types of Laut Design icons: simple icons that can be used in a list format and two-tone icons that can be used for section headings and infographics. Do not mix these two icon styles within the same list or grouping.

Social Media Icons



Images of our Team Culture

Business Casual

Dog Friendly

Laut Family


Opal 2

Ping Pong


Photos of our Work in Progress

CAD Modeling

CAD Modeling 2

Chop Saw

Chop Saw 2

CNC Fabrication

CNC Fabrication 2

CNC Fabrication 3

CNC Fabrication 4

Collaborative Design

Collaborative Design 2

Collaborative Design 3

Collaborative Studio

Creative Direction

Creative Direction 2

Creative Direction 3


Electronics 2

Ideation Sketching

Ideation Sketching 2

Ideation Sketching 3

Ideation Sketching 4

Ideation Sketching 5

Interface Design

Interface Design 2

Interior Design

Market Segmentation

Metal Fabrication

Metal Fabrication 2

Metal Fabrication 3

Metal Finishing

Metal Finishing 2

Model Finishing

Packaging Prototype

Print Design

Product Photography

Project Management

Rapid Prototyping

Rapid Prototyping 2

Rapid Prototyping 3

Rapid Prototyping 4

Rapid Prototyping 5

Rapid Prototyping 6

Rapid Prototyping 7

Rapid Prototyping 8

Short-Run Production

Spray Coating

Spray Coating 2

Stomp Shear

TIG Welding

TIG Welding 2

Whiteboard Ideation

Whiteboard Ideation 2

Whiteboard Ideation 3


Woodworking 2


Photos of our Facility and its Spaces

Building Signage


Hardware Room


Ipsum Vestibule



Lorem 2

Lorem 3

Lorem Vestibule

Pride In Process

Project Cart

Softgoods Prototyping


Studio Desks

Studio Space

The Shop

The Shop 2

The Shop 3

The Shop 4


Detailed Shots of our Workspaces and their Contents

3D Printing


Design Resources

Drill Bits

Drill Bits 2

Drill Press

Drill Press Chucks


Hardware 2


Laut Badges


Raw Materials


Samples 2


Wrenches 2

Wrenches, Adjustable

Wrenches, Socket


Photography of our Team

Our Team

Team 2



Capabilities, Case Studies, and Work Examples

Work Presentation Template

Presentation Templates for Client Work

Client Presentation

Basic Laut Design presentation template. The google slide template is located here.

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